London Institute Of Medical Science

Springfield University Hospital is a redevelopment of the existing mental health facilities, providing a Forensic and Non-Forensic unit to the hospital site in South West London. An additional sitewide estate upgrade will be undertaken, which will include converting part of the original golf course to the largest new park in London, since the opening of the Olympic Park.

Services Provided

Fire Alarm
  • 2500 device Apollo fire alarm system with 11 Advanced Electronics MxPro 5 series fire panels, 11 repeater panels and 35 fire alarm loops.
  • Scorpion remote detector tester unit to lift shafts.
  • Wagner Aspiration detection to 3 atriums.
Smoke Damper
  • Advanced Air control system with 3 System 42 panels and over 300 dampers.
Refuge Alarm
  • Vox Ignis refuge alarm system, with 21 refuge locations and three touchscreen control panels.